Friday, 20 May 2016

Cranberry Lipgloss

We love finding out the various ways we can use fruit, not just for eating! And we thought, well what about if we can use fruit as makeup? As it turns out, cranberries can be turned into a really really love lipgloss that is not only beautiful, but is completely natural too! Win win!

You will need:
  • 12 Fresh Cranberries
  • 1 Tablespoon Avocado Oil
  • 1 Teaspoon Honey 
  • 2 Drops Vitamin E
  • 1 Cheese Cloth
  • 1 Tiny Tin (to store the lipgloss)
You will need to:
  1. Heat up the cranberries, oil, honey and vitamin e on the stove, bringing it to a boil
  2.  Crush up the cranberries with a wooden spoon until the colour is the perfect for you
  3. Let it cool for 10 minutes and then strain through the cheese cloth to get out the cranberry bits
  4. Let it cool again - but not too long- and then spoon it into your tin
And then you're done! Enjoy your new lip gloss!

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Friday, 13 May 2016

Two-layered Hawaiin Berry Smoothie

If you fancy a smoothie which is not only delicious and beautiful to look at, have a go at making these gorgeous two-layered Hawaiin Berry Smoothies. And the best thing? They can be made with all the lovely fruit from your office fruit delivery? Grab a blender, and go!

Makes: 3 smothies
Total time: 10 minutes

Hawaiin Layer
1 orange
2 frozen bananas
1 cup frozen mango
1/4 cup orange juice

Berry Layer
1 container berry yoghurt
2 cups frozen berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries,cherries)
1 frozen banana
1/4 cup milk 

Make each layer seperately
Put the ingredients in the blender, and blend away. Add more liquid if needed.

Layer the smoothie mixture in glasses. Use a knife or popsicle stick to create designs inside the glass. You can top each smoothie with fruit of your choice!


Adapted from:

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Friday, 6 May 2016

Berry nice jokes!

As the first week back after the May Bank Holiday draws to a close, we need something to cheer us about some wonderfully fruity jokes? Make sure you try these on your co-workers!

Q. How do you make a strawberry shake?
A. Put it in the freezer.

Q. What is a vampire's favourite fruit?
A. A neck-tarine!

Q. How do you fix a broken tomato?
A. Tomato paste!

Q. What school subject is the fruitiest?
A. History – because it is full of dates!

Q. What fruit teases you a lot?
A. A Ba!

Q. What kind of apple has a short temper?
A. A crab apple.

Q. What happens to grapes when you step on them?
A. They wine!

Q. How do you fix a cracked pumpkin?
A. With a pumpkin patch!

Q. Why did the banana go to the doctor?
A. Because it wasn’t peeling well.

Q. Why was the tomato blushing?
A. Because it saw the salad dressing.

Q. Why did the apples get a divorce? 
A. They weren't a very good pear!

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Friday, 29 April 2016

May Bank Holiday Events 2016

May - the month of glorious Bank Holidays. But are you stuck for ideas for this Bank Holiday? Take a peek at our guide at the top events this weekend, as we may have just what you are looking for...

Canal Cavalcade
Saturday 30th April - Monday 2nd May
Tell me more! 
The pretty waterways of Little Venice will be even more colourful than usual for 2016's May bank holiday weekend as the Inland Waterways Association organises their annual gathering of canal boats. Around 130 boats will be moored along the stretch of the Grand Union Canal between Blomfield Road, Warwick Avenue and Warwick Crescent for the Canalway Cavalcade, which has taken place every year since 1983. Many of the waterborne homes will be dressed up to the nines ready for the pageant, and visitors can expect plenty of very British fun including morris dancers and a real ale tent. There'll also be trade stalls, live music, children's activities and refreshments.
Little Venice, between Blomfield Road, Warwick Avenue and Warwick Crescent
W9 2PB
How do I get there?
The nearest tube is Warwick Ave
What is the price? 
Entry is free

The Priory Arms May Bank Holiday Beer Festival
Friday 29th April - Monday 2nd May
Tell me more!
This is an easy numbers game. Over 100 beers, 11 keg beers, 20 real ales, 6 real ciders, over 70 bottles, four days and one you.
The Priory Arms
83 Lansdowne Way
How do I get there?
The nearest tube is Stockwell

Kentish Town City Farm May Day Festival
Sunday 1st May
Tell me more!
Kentish Town City Farm are throwing their annual May Day Festival so expect maypole dancing, tombola, pony rides, a tug of war, live music, art activities and, of course, their whole family of different animals including Zorro the billy goat and Shirley the cow.
1 Cressfield Close
Kentish Town
How do I get there?
The nearest tube is Kentish Town
What is the price?
£1 adults, 50p children

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Office Yoga Without Leaving Your Chair

Sometimes working in an office means sitting in a chair, at a desk for 8+ hours at a time (aside from walking to the toilet, to the fridge, to the shop...), and this means that even the best of us will suffer from sore shoulders, a stiff neck, and lower back pain.

Solution? Office yoga! No, we're not suggesting that yoou get changed into your sports bra and yoga pants and get into downward dog next to your boss's desk.

Instead, this simple yoga routine can be done in the comfort of your office chair. We promise it'll be worth it!

1. Underarm Stretch

As you finish an inhale, interlace your fingers, invert your palms, pull your fingers against each other to stretch across the armpits. Stay here for a few slow breaths, being sure your neck and shoulders stay as relaxed as possible.

2. Between-the-Shoulder-Blades Release

Next, scoop your tailorbone under, round your upper back, and push your hands away from you. Breathe here, feeling the release in the space between your shoulder blades. Before you release your hands, sneak a peek at them and notice which pinky is on the outside.

3 Front-of-the-Shoulder Stretch

Inhale and lift your arms overhead; exhaling, release them and take them together behind you, opposite pinky on the outside. Either rest your knuckles on your sacrum and move your elbows together or, if you are looser, straighten your elbows and raise your hands behind you. Lift your chest into a light backbend for a few breaths.

4.Top-of-the-Shoulder Stretch

Finally, straighten your back again and take your interlaced fingers to one side of your waist, lowering your head in that direction, too. You'll find a stretch for the trapezius and scalene muscles along the top of the shoulder and the neck. Slowly rotating your head side to side by lifting and lowering your nose while keeping your head angled will move the stretch. Finish with the hands and head on the other side.

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Friday, 15 April 2016

Banana Hair Mask

We've all been in that position where those bananas we bought last week (or that turned up in our office fruit delivery!) have seen better days. Some love the super-sugary brown bananas, but others.....let's just say they prefer them a little riper. But don't throw them away! They will make the perfect base for a hair mask, that's guaranteed to help keep your locks luscious.

Why bananas?  Bananas contain potassium, vitamin B6, Folic Acid, and other great things that improve the condition of your hair (and also help with hair loss, bonus!)
Combine bananas with milk, and you have an impressive duo. Milk contains protein to strengthen your hair, and lactic acid helps remove the build up of old skin cells that makes your hair lifeless and limp. Kind of like a clarifying shampoo! There are also rumours that using milk on your hair before washing causes curls to relax, and assists in straightening.

What you will need:
  • 1-2 bananas (or 3 if your hair really long, and thick)
  • Whole milk or coconut milk (enough to thin out the bananas) 
What you need to do:
  1. Take your bananas and blend them. You can do this either in a blender, food processor, with a stick blender, or just mash them and stir them really well. Keep going until you have a slimy paste, and you have removed all chunks. Chunks will stick to the hair, and will be difficult to wash out. 
  2. Pour in the milk slowly, keeping an eye on the thickness of the banana. The perfect consistency is one that is almost identical to regular hair conditioner. 
  3. Once it has been blended, and is smooth, it should be runny, but still thick enough to stay on your hair. 
 How to apply it to your hair:
  1. Start with dry hair, and work over the sink or in the bath.
  2. Apply as much of the mask to your hair as you can, making sure it is all over your hair, and give yourself a nice scalp massage while you're at it!
  3. If you are not doing this mask in the bath, put on a shower cap, or wrap a towel round your hair, to prevent it dripping. 
  4. Leave the mask on your hair for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Wash your hair as normal. This may take longer than usual, so give yourself plenty of time to wash the mask our of your hair. Make sure you remove ALL the mask from your hair. You may or may not need to condition your hair depending on how it feels as you wash it.
A word of warning - When trying out a homemade beauty treatment for the first time, make sure it is on a day/evening when you do not have much to do, or nothing too important! You never know how long the treatment will take, how difficult it will be to remove, and the results.

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Friday, 8 April 2016

Procrastination - the enemy of all productive people

Procrastination is the devil, the killer of time, the murderer of all our good intentions. It's the thing that leaves us with a gloriously tidy room/desk/office, but our to-do lists still intact. We all have that one project that we keep pushing back until manana, that sounds like a job for "future me"! If this is you, you're in luck. We're about to cure your procrastination habit FOREVER (although no refunds if your procrastination is too strong even for our tips).

What are the consequnces of procrastination?
  • Gaining a bad reputation with coworkers, friends, and family.
  • Losing your ambition to succeed.
  • Not accomplishing your dreams.
  • Threatening your well-being if it is a health-related task (like an annual checkup).
Why would you want these things to do happen?

- wait for the perfect time. It will never come.
- leave things until the last minute. You might think you work better under pressure, but that's when mistakes get made.
- put off that big project to get to that thing you've been "meaning to do for ages." If it's not on your list, don't distract yourself with that task.
- continually question a decision. Once you've made up your mind to go ahead, go ahead!

- make a smart to-do list by including only the items that you're avoiding, not the ones you know you'll do anyway. Then set yourself deadlines.
- break the task down so it doesn't seem so overwhelming. Accomplishing these small steps will feel good, and you'll have completed the project in no time.
- eliminate the temptation to do something else. If your weakness is the internet, keep your browser tabs limited to ONLY those necessary websites.
- conncetrate on one thing at a time. If your mind flutters to another task you just remembered, write it down, and come back to it later.
- ask for help if you need it.
- make your intentions public. This will not only add pressure, but how embarrassing will it be if everyone knows you failed to complete that task?
- remember that done is better than perfect.

NB some of these tips were utilized in the writing of this blog post.

What are your favourite tips for beating procrastination? Email us @office_fruit 
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