Friday, 30 September 2016

The one where we answer your most asked questions!

For this week's blogpost, we rounded up the questions we get asked the most!

What's the difference between a tangerine, a nectarine, and a peach?
A tangerine is a citrus fruit, and nectarines and peaches are stone fruits. Peaches are the fuzzy ones; nectarines have a smooth skin.

What's the difference between a tangerine, a satsuma, and a clementine?
As above, these are citrus fruits, and are collectively known as mandarins. Which type of mandarin is available will depend on the season. Read our handy guide to these fruits to find out more. 
Did you know: satsumas are grown in Spain specifically for the UK market?

What are the juiciest apples?
If you are looking for apples to juice, we recommend granny smith for a green apple, and red delicious for red.

Where does your fruit come from?
We source all our fruit from New Covent Garden Market, which is the biggest fruit and veg market in the UK. The origin of fruit will depend on what is available to buy at market the night before delivery. We purchase all fruit to order, so you may notice the origin is different from order to order. 

Do you have any English bananas?  
As bananas need a certain temperature and environment to grow, we are unable to grow bananas in England, or the UK.

How is best to store my fruit?
We always recommend you store your fruit in the fridge for the best life, but if you want your fruit out on display, we recommend you store your bananas away from the rest of the fruit. Bananas emit a gas which ripen other fruits quicker, so keeping them separate will prolong the life of the fruit. We do not recommend storing in bags for too long, as the fruit will begin to "sweat", and ripen much quicker than desired (unless you wish to ripen the fruit quicker, in which case go ahead!)

How long does fruit last?
As fruit is fresh produce, we cannot give an approximation on the life span of fruit. However, if stored correctly, fruit should last for the work week.

How many strawberries come in a punnet? 
Strawberries vary in shape and size, so the amount of strawberries in your punnet will vary week to week. Our punnets come by weight, not number of berries. This is the same for all berries, including raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Is your fruit organic?
We guarantee Grade A produce, which is the top grade of produce available. Organic produce does not always meet this standard, so we will not include organic produce unless specifically requested.

Here's a picture of a bear carved out of fruit...just because!

If you have any other questions regarding fruit, your deliveries, seasonality, or anything else, let us know @office_fruit

Friday, 23 September 2016

LFW - Charlotte Olympia's Fruity Catwalk Show

Now, we like London Fashion Week as much as the next gal (or guy!), but when someone does a show featuring foam bananas and full-on fruity costumes, our interest is really piqued. That's just what Charlotte Olympia did with her Spring/Summer 2017 runway show on Sunday 18th September.

She included fun, fruity wedges with exotic handbags (parrot shape, anyone?) and combined it with 40's inspired clothes and choreography

Where did the foam bananas come in? Well, a chorus line of girls sporting sequin swimsuits used them as props, alongside a whole fruit bowl of models who appeared as strawberries, pineapples and even watermelons.

If you were lucky enough to grab a seat at the show, or have caught a glimpse of the pictures, what did you think? Would you be brave enough to wear a pineapple costume, or is that something best left to the professionals (or Halloween?)

Let us know what you think of the show @office_fruit

Friday, 16 September 2016

A profile on: Star Fruit

Following on from our Profile on: Kiwano Fruit blog post today we bring you a profile on the star fruit - the fruit that doesn't look much in its whole form, but once cut is a beautiful star shape. Read on to find out more about this popular exotic fruit:

What is it?
Star fruit is a juicy tropical fruit.

What does it look like?
The fruit has distinctive ridges running down its sides (usually five but can sometimes vary); in cross-section, it resembles a star, hence the name. It is an oval shape, and ripe star fruits are yellow.

Other names?
Carambola is it's "proper" name.

Where's it from?
It is native to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
The fruit is popular throughout Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, Micronesia, and parts of East Asia. The tree is also cultivated throughout non-indigenous tropical areas, such as in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the southern United States.

How do I eat it?
The star fruit is at its best (and most sweet) when it is yellow. If you can leave it until it has brown along the ridges, it'll be even better. The whole of the fruit is edible, and it can be eaten from the hand like an apple. It is great eaten cold and plain, or cooked, and even included in savoury salads. They are also popular in juices and smoothies. They're best eaten in Winter, when they're readily available.

What does it taste like? 
They have a tart, sour undertone. The taste is difficult to compare, but it has been likened to a mix of apple, pear, grape, and citrus family fruits. Unripe star fruits are firmer and sour, and taste like green apples. Ripe carambolas may also be used in cooking.

What are the health benefits?
They're a good source of Vitamin C, so star fruit can help ward off winter colds and flu's.
With only 30 calories per fruit plus lots of fiber, star fruit is a great choice for anyone trying to lose weight. They're also very healthy - full of antioxidants and flavonoids.

Have you tried star fruit? Let us know @office_fruit

Friday, 9 September 2016

Baked Peaches

It's that time of year where peaches are still available, but they are not always ripe for eating. A great way to use up any hard peaches is by turning them into a delicious dessert. By baking the peaches, they soften, and with a bit of extra sugar, they become deliciously indulgent, yet healthy. We've included amoretti biscuits, for some crunch.

Here's our recipe for delicious baked peaches:

  • 50g/2oz butter
  • 12 amaretti biscuits, crushed
  • 2 tbsp honey, plus extra for drizzling
  • good dash vin santo, or similar sweet dessert wine, plus extra for drizzling
  • 4 peaches, halved and stones removed
  • demerara sugar, to sprinkle
  • Ice cream/cream to serve
  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4.
  2. Melt the butter in a saucepan, but do not let it brown.
  3. Mix together the crushed amaretti biscuits, the melted butter, honey and a dash of vin santo in a bowl.
  4. Place a heaped teaspoon of the mixture onto the flat side of each of the peach halves and place on a baking tray.
  5. Sprinkle with demerara sugar and drizzle with more honey and vin santo.
  6. Bake in the oven for 15-30 minutes until golden. Serve with ice cream or cream if required.

Have you tried our baked peaches recipe? Let us know @office_fruit

Friday, 2 September 2016

6 Habits To Adopt For A Productive Day Every Day

We all have those days where we manage to get everything done on our to do list, and still manage to have time for our favourite tv programme; and on the flip side, we all have those days where we struggle to get even one thing crossed off. But there's always that one friend that manages to be productive every day, and you find yourself asking, "How DO they do it?" Here a few habits you can adopt to have a productive day EVERY day...

1. Set The Goal For The Day and Make a Plan of Action

As soon as you get up, set a goal and intention for the day. Once you've got a clear goal, you will be able to set a plan of action - how are you going to achieve your goal? It doesn't have to be a big goal, but just by setting an intention, and having a plan in place, means you are already halfway to having a productive day.

2. Eat a Good Breakfast

Having fuel inside you to start your day is the best way to ensure you are running on all cylinders. Whether you like cereal, toast, or just want to grab a banana, by eating breakfast you are setting your day up the right way.

3. Exercise

Whether you prefer to work out in the morning, or evening, setting aside even 10 minutes a day to exercise will help with any stress and tension you are feeling, and with those feel-good exercise endorphins you will feel ready for anything.

4. Don't Procrastinate! 

Don't think about it - just do it. When we start over-thinking a task, we tend to let it get much bigger in our mind than it actually is. Break it down into small steps, and start at number 1. You'll soon find it was much easier than you thought!

5. Do The Hard Tasks First

It's always tempting to get the easy (and small) tasks out the way first, leaving the big things until later. But if you get the big things out the way first, the sense of accomplishment will follow you throughout the day, making any other tasks seem easy-peasy!

6. Handle Distractions 

The enemy of productivity is distractions, and we all have our own ways of handling them. Some people will turn off their phones until an important task is over, or some computers have a feature that allows you to turn off your internet for a certain amount of time. For some distractions, working out a reward system works, ie do 1 hour of work, and watch 30 minutes of television. Work out what your distraction is, and see which method is best for you.

What is your best way to be productive? Let us know @office_fruit

Friday, 26 August 2016

The Perfect Fruit Drinks For Bank Holiday BBQ's

The August Bank Holiday is the day that we all dust off our barbeques, grab some food and friends have ourselves a great time! (Weather permitting, of course). Got your food sorted, but not sure what to do for drinks? Never fear, our fabulously fruity (and naughtily alcoholic) will be sure to please the masses. Not to forget the little ones, we've included some sweet and juicy recipes for the kiddies too!

For The Adults

Strawberry Gin
Prep - 15mins
Makes - 1.5 litres
Ingredients - 700ml bottle of gin; 400g punet of strawberries, sliced; 100g caster sugar
Method -
  1. Mix the gin with the strawberries and caster sugar in a large bowl and pour into a 1.5-litre sterilised Kilner jar.
  2. Store in the fridge and stir every two days for three weeks. Strain though coffee filters or muslin cloth to serve.

    Red Wine Cooler
    Prep - 5 mins
    Makes - Enough for 8 people
    Ingredients - 750ml bottle of fruity red wine (Rioja is good); 600ml lemonde; lemon slices, to serve; sprigs of mint, to serve
    Method - Stir together red wine and lemonade. Pour into glasses with lemon slices and sprigs of mint.


    Apple Prosecco Punch
    Prep - 5 mins
    Makes - enough to serve 8-10 people
    Ingredients - 400ml cloudy apple juice; 200ml vodka; juice of 2 lemons; 750ml Prosecco; ice; 1 green apple, cored and finely sliced; 1 lemon, sliced
    Method -
    1. Pour the apple juice, vodka and lemon juice into a punch bowl and chill for 1-2 hrs.
    2. When you’re ready to serve add the prosecco, ice and apple and lemon slices to garnish.

    For The Kids

    Watermelon & Strawberry Slushie
    Prep - 10 mins
    Makes - enough for 6 people
    Ingredients - 1 small watermelon; 225g punnet of ripe strawberries, tops cut off; juice of 2 limes
    Method -
    1. The day or morning before you want to drink the slushie cut the watermelon into chunks and remove the skin and seeds. Place half the watermelon wedges into a large freezable bag then pop in the freezer for a few hours.
    2. Once frozen, blitz the frozen watermelon with the rest of the watermelon, strawberries and lime juice until smooth and slushy. Pour into glasses and sip through a straw.

    Homemade Pink Lemonade
    Prep - 10 mins
    Makes - 1 large jug - enough for 6 people
    Ingredients - 8 lemons, plus extra slices to serve; 200g caster sugar, plus extra to tate; 140g raspberry, plus extra to serve; ice, to serve
    Method -
    1. Pare the zest from the lemons with a peeler, removing as little white pith as possible – cut away any pith you can from the strips.
    2. Juice the lemons and mix the juice, zest, sugar and raspberries with 1.2 litres of boiling water. Let cool, then sieve, pressing through juice with the back of a spoon. 
    3. Add sugar to taste and chill in jugs. To serve, add a few lemon slices, raspberries and lots of ice.

    What's your favourite bbq drink? Let us know @office_fruit

    Friday, 19 August 2016

    Natural Skin Saviours

    Here at FFTO HQ we're always looking for the best ways to make the most of our office fruit deliveries, and what better way than using than on our skin? Fruit and vegetables are not only great to eat, but they also have great benefits when applied to the skin topically. So check out our list below, and add some of these to your next office fruit delivery!


    Should you get a sunburn, or an ordinary burn, look no further than your fridge. Cool cucumber is soothing to burnt skin not just because it's cool, but it also has antioxidant and analgesic properties which promote healing and further relief from discomfort. Simply cut up, mash the cucumber, and place it over the burn, to help reduce the swelling, redness and pain.


    Lemons are a natural antibacterial, and are rich in Vitamin C and citric acid. They are great for treating skin issues like acne and blackheads, and soothing chapped lips, as well as serving as an effective skin lighter and brightener.


    Pineapple contains a large amount of natural bromelain, which has special benefits as it gently exfoliates the skin. Using pineapple juice or pulp topically will help clear off dead skin cells and reveal beautiful glowing skin. 


    Apart from a high Vitamin C content, strawberries also contain an important alpha hydroxy acid, known as salicylic acid, which makes them extra beneficial for the skin. Salicylic acid is known best for its use in acne treatments, as penetrates deep into the pores and cleans them out. It can unclog oily pores and stop pimples from forming - winner! This will also help clear our milia, whiteheads and blackheads before they turn into stubborn pimples.

    Have any natural skincare saviours that you'd like to share? Let us know @office_fruit 

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